Leading Provider of Technology Solutions and IT Managed Services

Monday, June 1, 2015

Since its founding in 2015, Relapath has already earned a reputation as an outstanding provider of technology solutions and IT managed services. Relapath serves Fortune 1000 companies with technology solutions that help customers meet specific business goals, increase revenue, and secure a more competitive position in the marketplace. Relapath is headquartered in Troy, MI with offices in Texas and Florida.

Relapath is a customer-focused business designed to deliver flexible, scalable technology solutions in a manner that is most convenient for customers.

"Our success is driven by forging strong relationships and understanding our client's business goals," said Bob Kennedy, president of Relapath. "Through strong customer relationships, we are able to understand each client's unique technology and business environments, as well as where they want to take their business. It's from that vantage point where we can deliver the precise technology solutions that result in the greatest value to the customer."

As a rapidly growing systems integrator, Relapath aligns information technology with business objectives, measures success against customer expectations, and deploys continuous improvement initiatives designed to help organizations increase effectiveness. Relapath's portfolio of IT services includes: Program Governance and Project Management, Application and Technology Managed Services, Requirements Engineering, Development, Mobility, Data Management, Application Renewal and Retirement, and Quality and Performance Services to name a few.

To learn more about how Relapath can help you identify technology solutions that meet your unique business needs, contact Bob Kennedy, 248.658.9525, email us at info@relapath.com or visit us at www.relapath.com.